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  • Galvanized Wire Mesh

    Galvanized Wire Mesh

    Galvanized is not a metal or alloy; it is a process in which a protective zinc coating is applied to steel to prevent rusting. In the wire mesh industry, however, it is often treated as a separate category because of its wide spread use in all types of applications. Some...
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  • Durable Welded Wire Mesh Revolutionizing Construction Industry

    Durable Welded Wire Mesh Revolutionizing Construction Industry

    As the construction industry continues to evolve and innovate, one product has emerged as a cost-effective and versatile solution for various applications - Welded Wire Mesh. This durable, high-quality wire mesh is rapidly gaining popularity among builders, architects, a...
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  • Types of Nails

    Types of Nails

    SHINEWE Hardware Products Co., Ltd. supply verity types of nails. These are some of the most common types of nails: • Common nails: The first choice for many framing, construction and carpentry u...
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  • Field Fence

    Field Fence

    SHINEWE Hardware Products CO., Ltd offers Durable reliable woven wire field fence to keep the large livestock safe and secure. As the leading supplier of wire fence for industry and agriculture, we can supply several types of field fences that hold up to the usual pressu...
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  • Welded Wire Mesh

    Welded Wire Mesh

    The extensive selection of top-quality wire cloth products available from J SHINEWE Hardware Products Co., Ltd,  includes welded wire mesh for a wide range of applications. Welded wire mesh is an extremely versatile product that can come as rolls or flat panels....
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