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Chain Link wire Fence with twist and knuckle edges


Chain link wire fence is also known as diamond fence, cyclone wire fence, is made from high-qualified mild steel wire, its roll is woven together by cyclone bending wires, and then make the spikes into two kinds of edges which are folded edge and twisted edge.

Chain Link Fence is very popular with Galvanized Chain Link Fence and PVC coated Chain Link Fence with colors of Dark green and Black most, other colors can be do as customers need.

Surface Treatment:

- Hot dipped Galvanized Chain Link Fence

- Electro Galvanized Chain Link Fence

- PVC coated Electro galvanized  Chain Link Fence

Product Detail

Product Tags

Chain Link Fence Selvage

Chain Link Wire Fence with Knuckle Selvage has smooth surface and safe edges, chain link fence with Twist Selvage has stronger structure and sharp points with higher barrier property .

knuckle-knuckle- edge-aluminum-coated-chain-link-fence-knuckled-edge
chain-link-fence-twist-knunckle edge


Wire Diameter 1-6mm
Mesh Opening 15*15mm,  20*20mm,50mm* 50mm, 60*60mm, 80*80mm, 100*100mm
Fencing Height 0.6-3.5 m
Roll Length 10m -50m
Note: Other Mesh opening or fence height are available

Features & Advantages

PVC chain-link mesh fence is more strong in structure, with super quality of Plastic power coating layer with high anti-UV, long-life and no damage .

Both Galvanized and PVC coated chain link wire fence are variety usage, aesthetic appearance,  corrosion resistant, rust resistant and weather proof, to ensure long-life, durable, Easy install and Maintenance Free.


Chain Link Wire Fence  are widely used as protective fence in residential sites, sports fields, kindergarten, garden,  green filed, parking field.  It is also used in roads, super highway,  railway,  airport; another popular usage is for breeding animals. 

Package and Delivery

• Individually loaded.

• Packed on pallet.

chain link fence

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