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Galvanized wire window screen


Galvanized wire window screen is also called galvanized insect screen. It is one of the most popular and most economical kinds of insect screens. The material of the galvanized insect screen is low carbon steel with plain weaving and it can be galvanized before weaving or after weaving.

Fabric by mild steel wire , plain weaving ,fine galvanized process.

It’s ideal to be applicable for window , door of pet guard.

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Galvanized before weaving

Galvanized after weaving






14×14 BWG31/32 0.6-1.5M 15M,25M,30M
16×16 BWG31/32 0.6-1.5M 15M,25M,30M
18×18 BWG31/32 0.6-1.5M 15M,25M,30M
18×14 0.009“ 0.6-1.5M 15M,25M,30M
18×16 0.011” 0.6-1.5M 15M,25M,30M

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