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Finishing Nails


-qualified for decorative and finishing works

A finishing nail has a small slightly rounded head just a tad bit bigger than the nail shank. Finishing nails are used in nailing siding and finishing work. Its small head makes the nail almost invisible after he was beaten, cut into the surface of the cap and leave little trace.

The main difference from common nails, finishing nails construction is that the caps are formed as a small cylinder, which goes completely into the wooden, becoming nearly invisible.

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Length: 1 inch- 5 inch
Nail gauge: from 16.5 gauge to 8 gauge
Material: mild steel, low carbon steel wire
Finish: without coating bright polished, galvanized, copper plated, bronze, brass plate

 (Note: Bright finish will rust if exposed unprotected to weather. While, a coating of zinc, copper, bronze or brass tacks gives extra strength and resistance to corrosion)
Produce method: cold forging on special nailing machines.


- 25kg/carton box,

- retail packaging of 1kg is available

- As customers need


small oval hat that allows nail almost invisible, so not to break the original design
Nail head is easily countersunk below the surface of the wood


Finishing nails are used in a variety of decorating mounting building and finishing materials. With them is fixing any wooden parts in the cases when it is necessary to mask the head. Common use as the following works:
•Mount lining;
•laying flooring;
•assembly casings, window and door;
•installation of skirting boards;
•mount thin strips;
•Mount fillet;
•installation of various decorative elements.
Furthermore, such finishing nails are widely used in the manufacture of furniture. The main advantage of this type of hardware is that they are absolutely not visible on the product surface.

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6 finishing nails

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