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Non Climb Horse , Goat Sheep Fence


No climb horse fence also named square fence, is ideal field fence specially for horse. It is normally made with “S” knot that means the horizontal and vertical wire are wrapped by a third wire forming a “s” knot. This design makes it with smooth surface on both side to reduce the injure to horse and provides a flexible and capable structure to withstand the shock from horse. With feature narrow vertical wires spacing 50mm, to prevent horse from getting its hoof stuck and injured and to keeping the horse stepping through or walking down the enclosure.

The No climb horse fence is manufactured in supper quality and high tensile steel wire, heavy zinc coating coated to keep the fence a long lifetime. It is every easy and quick to install with maintenance free.

Material: galvanized wire and high tensile wire.

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    Hole Size

    50x100, Uniform holes

    Top and Bottom wire

    3.0mm or as customer’s need

    Filler Wire

    2.5mm or as customer’s need


    4 8”, 60” or as customer’s need


    50m, 100m, or as customer’s need


    1."S" knot twist.

    2.Smooth on both sides to prevent sages and prevent horse skin from injuring.

    3.Narrow vertical mesh prevents horse from getting its hoof stuck and injured.

    4.Flexible and springy woven non-climb horse fence.

    5.2” vertical spacing.

    6.Uniform holes of 50x100mm.

    7.Safe and economical.

    8.Easy installation.

    9.Maintenance free.


    For ranch, farm: it is ideal for the horse raising, breeding, also for cattle, goat and dog kennels.

    Protect the environment: it can prevent grassland, plant and forest from damaged.

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