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Stainless Steel Insect Screen


Stainless steel Insect screen not only offers improved visibility with its fine wire diameter, but also more durable than standard insect screen. Uninterrupted visibility maximizes an outer view to make it look sharper and more brilliant. It permits excellent airflow and meets the great standard of insect protection. The stainless steel screen is fit for various screening applications including windows, doors and porches, it is also safe to use with pressure based lumber.

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Specification of Stainless Steel Insect screen

Material: 201,302,304,304L,316,316L, 321 and 430 etc

Wire diameter:0.15 to 0.25mm

Mesh size: 14x14mesh, 16x16mesh, 18x18mesh, 20x20mesh

Weaving method: Plain weave

Roll width: 2,3,4,5, other width available at request.

Roll length:30m or 50m, other length available as request.

Note: We offer OEM services, producing the product according to clients specified requirements, such as wire diameter, opening size, width and roll length, etc.

6 stainless steel window screen 20mesh
7 stainless steel wire window screen 18mesh

Characteristics of stainless steel insect screen

-Plain woven stainless steel mesh

-High visibility and strength

-Great durability,

-Flexible, easy to bend and easy to cut

Stainless steel insect mesh is a high quality fine mesh that fully resistant corrosion. It is ideal for use in food preparation areas, domestic and commercial buildings.

With good strength and toughness of stainless steel screen, it is the most durable screen material, it is wear resistant and fireproof . The small wire diameters provide  higher percentages of open area that improve air flow and visibility through the screens. The square openings eliminate the challenge of mismatch the alignment between windows during installation. Another advantage of square opening unlike to rectangular openings is the reduction of diagonal opening length resulting into a screen development that is more resistant to insect entrance.

9 stainless steel wire netting advantages
10 stainless steel wire netting advantages good visibility


14 stainless steel wire screen application for door and window
15 stainless steel wire netting multiple usage

Stainless Steel Wire Screen is widely used in resident and various commercial buildings. The high quality stainless steel mesh is rust resistant, it is very well designed for fly and insect control as windows screen, doors  screen and porches, it is also safe to use with pressure based lumber.

Production Workshop of Stainless steel window Screen

20 stainless steel insect screen

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