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Plastic Window Screen


Plastic window screen is also called polyethylene insect screen, nylon insect screen. It is made of pure polyethylene wire with plain and inter weaving. The plastic window screen can resist UV rays and insects, so it is widely used in the windows, doors of housing, buildings. Plastic window screen can also be used in the greenhouses to resist pests.

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Technical Notes


Wire Gauge

Roll Size

Plastic Wire Window Screening

12x 12







Twisted weaving:12 14 16mesh;

Plain weaving:18 22 24mesh;

Colors available: white, blue, green, yellow, etc.

14 x 14

16 x 16

18 x 18

22 x 22

24 x 24

7 screen-rolls-white-green
9 white-window-screen-roll
8 yellow-polyethylene-insect-screen
10 plastic-window-screen-rolls


1.Light weight and beautiful appearance.

2.High tensile strength & flexibility.

3.Keep insects out.

4.Durable UV resistance, rain resistance & wind resistance.

5.Light & air permeable.

6.Easy to install and clean.

7.Environmental friendly.

8.Long service life.


Plastic window screen is resistant to insects, so it is often used on the window and doors for residences, hotels, and other places against insects.

Plastic window screen is heat-proof, rain-resistant, wind resistant, alkali and acid-proof, so it commonly used on the places close to the outdoor space.

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